How Are Online Payment Systems Protected?

Businesses choose an online payment solution that offers maximized protection for all data. The systems must provide protection according to federal standards and regulations. A complete review of all data protection methods determines which solution is the best fit for the company. Vendors explain each step for protecting the online payment system and customer data.

Address Verification Service

The address verification service requires all consumers using credit or debit cards to verify their billing address. The payment system evaluates the information entered by the customer. If the data doesn’t match, the transaction is canceled immediately. The service is available with all new online payment systems.

Security Codes for Debit and Credit Cards

Another measure used to prevent unauthorized debit or credit card transactions is the security code. For most credit or debit cards, the security code is found on the back side of the cards. Select credit cards such as American Express has a security code that is found on the front of the card. Each time that a new card is issued, the security code changes. The security measure prevents unauthorized purchases with outdated information, too.

SSL Protocol and Certificates

SSL certificates indicate that the shopping cart is safe and encrypted. The protocol protects all sensitive information and prevents identity theft. As soon as the padlock appears in the address bar, consumers know that their data is protected. It has become a well-recognized symbol for heightened web security. The appearance of the symbol gives the company more credibility among its customers.

Compliance With Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards

All online payment solutions must be compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards or PCI. The standards define how sensitive data is managed through the payment solutions. The systems must provide adequate encryption to prevent visibility of the data. Any failure to comply with the standard could lead to serious penalties for the company.

All online payment solutions require extensive measures to keep consumer data safe. The systems must offer SSL certification, address verification for credit or debit cards, and options for security codes. The entire integration must meet federal standards such as PCI. Business owners who want to learn more about the security measures contact BlueSnap today.

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